The Single Face of Multifaceted

My favourite WordPress-er is back!!!! So much love to this momentum!!! Keep it going, dearest Eroteme!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Like A Feather...

I am constantly reminded of what a colleague and friend once said, “There will rarely ever be two people who, having interacted with you in different contexts, will describe the same person.” Then, I thought it was odd that that would be the case, but history has stood testimony to that.

Recently, my team gave me a farewell with words that were so generous and gushing about me being an exceptional leader, mentor and friend. It only made me want to exclaim, “You should meet X who thought I was a difficult person to work with” or “Would you guys believe that teachers in that school thought I was a frightening terror?”. This constant repartee in my head denied me the opportunity to allow my emotions flow unbridled. I didn’t know how to apologise to the team for that, as explaining it would be a monologue longer than most people…

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