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Quick note for hustlers and engineers and those who didn’t pick CS in undergrad, and felt like you missed your train coz finally everybody end up with computers and you didn’t know how to deal with those that utter to you some weird terms like “orchestration”, here is some exciting stuff for you:

I had struggled a lot to find some proper resource that could help me understand computer science overall, since the day I got shuffled from one project after the other from Front end to back end, from seeing something of a niche being built like a Chat bot, Web scraping, to Data engineering, AWS, Azure, ML, DL, CV. Point is there would be a lot of videos, and people would share some video tracks where the guy would teach as if everything is super cool with a flair of attitude, “Dumbo, why are you making me teach this?”, and you’ll get to hear from people that his channel got the best resources. You’d cry a river coz you wouldn’t want to be put up with a person like that. And nothing would enter your head coz basically his state of mind and yours just don’t match. There’s no magic. Just another “cool” version of a college professor to get your head spin.

I highly recommend for anybody in the programming stream to give the following a read so you’d not be blank when somebody casually tells you, “You know Python, so you know about Garbage collector right..” and you feel like some void catches right through your heart, making you feel insanely small as each day dawns and you even think about quitting and joining to work under a professor, so you’ll learn “everything by research”. Fun! But nobody has time, even if you try to get a graduate degree. If you want to learn what you’re missing, when you cry that you don’t know something as basic as that, when you have that thirst and desire to know what you are missing, if you value stuff and you want to be valued, it’s high time you can’t be just a tech/skill person. You’d need an understanding on what you’re working on, fill the gaps and become a better engineer.

Here’s some of the best resources that were collated in one website, which my dear friend, my classmate Saurabh shared with me. How I wish I had talked to him earlier! I never used to interact with anybody as much, except for the little gang I relied to keep my innocent shell of a being to keep going. To keep going felt so much so that, peeking outside meant consequently shrinking myself even more. So that was all the balance I could afford to.

Here it is, the magic ball:

Teach yourself Computer Science

I found many other links like this within, which would help you build stuff, and have fun while learning!

I love you loadsss people!! Especially those that created something unpolitical and as awesome like that! ❤

And about me… I write for the joy of writing which keeps me grounded and sometimes, visiting and re-reading what I wrote few years back, sometimes editing them, helps me realise the juncture of some pieces of my past self, sometimes overhauling it. It’s like this time machine that helps visit one’s past self. When we are at peace and friendly with our selves, it gives that inner acceptance that helps us keep going.

About me, this is Sathyashree, fondly called as Shree at home, Sathya and Kuchee ( 😛 NJu pointed out that I forgot adding this, thanks NJu  ❤ ) at school, Satz/y at college and Sathyashree by colleagues. On a funny note, I could see a mini evolution happening here, by just observing how being called, evolves as I age. 

Fan of my school mottos, “Shine and Let Shine” and “Knowledge is structured in Consciousness“. But until very recently, I never meditated with a good understanding of conscious, while Transcedental Meditation calls for us to let the voices flow, I was only so much occupied with the war of voices inside my head, trying to shut them down as they grew louder and louder piercing every corner of my brain. The very knowledge that none of these voices are mine but the impressions of external world either in idea or voice itself, and knowing that these constant chitter chatters that always kept bothering me, keeping me engaged to myself, cocooning me, all the while being pointless and waste of time, would have rather helped me believe that.. maybe I was beyond these voices! Maybe I was that stillness watching all these voices inside my head!

One could argue, then why is my blog name still that, “Stills, Ripples and Waves”! Why not just “Stillness”?! Yeah, I had thought about it, isn’t it true that at any point in time in our lives, these ripples and waves caused by our voices inside our head are bound to happen? and when we realise it’s bothering our existence or peace of mind, making us gasp for air, it’s often better to take a deep breath, and connect with one’s conscious which will help diminish these noises from the external world, while transforming these voices into actionable things unique to one’s life, drafting a story unique to each self, guiding one’s heart with the light!! For each one’s consciousness is much more stronger, more compassionate, more intelligent, more courageous and more truthful than any voice can ever fathom, that something which inevitably helps you find your way, even if you feel like you are momentarily stuck within a vicious circle of indecisiveness and depression. Thanks to my dearest friend Sibsie for enlightening me!! ❤ She sourced from Untethered Soul By Michael Singer and asked me to listen to it!! If you find time too, give it a try!! 

Above all, having a plan written down the night before, and revisiting the plan in the morning, making curated to-do list for each day helps go a long long way in one’s life!! 🙂 Keep striking off each one down the list, stay silly, and stay happy!! ❤

It’s okay to make mistakes in our lives. Mistakes are what happens when part of the universe didn’t mirror into you, the way it revolves! We sometimes miss the tracks, get derailed, end up in the middle of an ocean.. and when you are still breathing, and when you are ready, it’s okay to oar with whatever you’ve got from the middle of that ocean.

Before jumping into anything, I’d like to ask you, What are some simple things you do each day, which you’d never trade for anything else in life? Ask yourself, and feel free to message your thoughts at vsathyashree14@gmail.com

I’d like to take a moment and thank my wonderful parents, my amazing friends, this beautiful India (Mark Twain said: India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only), all the lovable teachers, kind colleagues and everyone else whose words or actions positively rippled through my heart. A warm heartfelt thanks to every one. Without each and every one of you, I don’t think I’d have survived this far. It is true when they say, it takes a village to bring up a child. My village is all of you! Love you all ❤

Afterall, I’m just a speck of dust.

It might have come to an end, but after all when you’re just a speck of dust, why do you have to care about yourself, when you know you’ll die some day? It’s not in the objectivity about birth and death that propels us all to even just be, rather it lies in the spectrum between birth and death. It’s in that sweet pain of struggle that nobility of life breathes!

My favourite quote, once shared by my dear friend Kauv, “We are all travellers in the wilderness of the world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend” – Robert Louis Stevenson

And last but not the least,

Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering into the Unknown ❤
No regrets, is not literally no regrets, it’s about learning to live above them and be able to tell there aint none! ❤

This one is especially for my dad ❤

Loads of love,
Sathyashree ❤

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I’ll be glad to help you with anything within my stretch of mind! Ping me on anything under the sky! Puzzles are welcome too! Before anything, Apologies first, Bad at humour. But I don’t mind if you shall throw in some humour while I sit there catching stars, talking to every passing cloud trying to figure out what the humour was all about 😀 Stay happy and enjoy your life!! 🙂

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